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Many people are surprised at how the penis looks in the first two weeks after circumcision.  It is important to remember that during the healing process, the penis will look worse for about a week before it looks better.

For the first week, it often will look worse everyday for the first week.  Towards the end of the first week, it may have some white or yellowing healing tissue on the tip of penis.  This is not pus and not infection, so no need to be worried. This happens because the skin is originally attached to the head of penis before circumcision.  During the circumcision, the foreskin is separated from the skin at the head of penis (called the glans) and leaves it with a thin layer of skin that is a bit “raw.” The body then makes some protein to cover up the area to allow the skin to regenerate underneath. This healing protein layer then falls off on its own.

During the second week, the penis tends to look progressively better, such that by the end of second or beginning of third week after penile surgery it generally looks pretty good, although it is common to still have some swelling that will continue to improve over the next several weeks.

It is important to follow the doctor’s instruction in the care of the penis after circumcision. The most common problem or complication is that the skin may reattach to the head of the penis. This is easily prevented by retracting the penile skin regularly and applying cornstarch powder to the glans regularly to allow skin to thicken (cornify). Thickened skin does not reattach to each other easily.  If the penile skin reattaches to the glans (called “adhesion”), it can be easily treated when discovered early.  If it is not noticed and is allowed to scar down further, another surgical procedure may be necessary to take down the scar tissue from the glans.

Photos of Normal Healing after Circumcision

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